Introducing the Gift of Lift neck oil

Instructions for using the Gift of Lift Neck Oil

Prepare your skin

Step 1: Begin your skincare ritual by washing your face and leaving it damp, then applying any face oils or serums to your facial skin.

Allow them to absorb fully before moving on to “The Gift of Lift.”



Step 2:Gently dispense a small amount of “The Gift of Lift” neck oil onto your fingertips.

With care, massage the luxurious oil into the targeted areas of your neck and décolleté, (avoiding eyes) focusing on trouble spots where you desire firmness and uplift.

Embrace the warmth

Embrace the Warmth For an added touch of indulgence, prepare a warm, steamy towel. Place the towel over your neck and décolleté, allowing the warmth to infuse the oil into your skin. Once the towel cools off, gently wipe away any remaining oil.

Proceed with your regular face regimen, ensuring that your neck and décolleté receive the attention they deserve. Let “The Gift of Lift” seamlessly integrate into your routine, providing a nourishing foundation for the rest of your skincare products.

Revel in the lifted, rejuvenated feeling of your neck and décolleté. Admire the natural glow that “The Gift of Lift” imparts, and embrace the confidence that comes with taking care of yourself.

Incorporate “The Gift of Lift” into your daily skincare routine, and let the essence of nature elevate your beauty to new heights. Your neck and décolleté will thank you for the pampering they deserve! ✨


It is strongly recommended that you test your new oil before using it, just in case of allergy/sensitivities to your new product

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