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Chakra Selenite 8” Bar Plate

Welcome to Gypsy-Oracle - your go-to source for premium quality selenite sticks and bars! Our selenite sticks and bars are carefully selected and put through a rigorous cleansing process, including charging in the full moon and other crystals and gemstones, to ensure that they are charged with powerful positive energy and ready to use.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that is known for its ability to remove negative energy and promote spiritual growth and inner peace. It is also believed to promote mental clarity and enhance intuition, making it an essential tool for anyone on a spiritual journey.

At Gypsy-Oracle, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality selenite sticks and bars, each one lovingly cleansed and charged with positive energy. Our selenite sticks and bars are perfect for cleansing your space, as well as your other crystals and gemstones. Simply place them near your crystals or hold them in your hand while meditating to infuse them with powerful cleansing energy.

Our selenite sticks and bars come in a variety of sizes, from small handheld sticks to larger bars, ensuring that you find the perfect size for your needs. They also make a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones who are on their own spiritual journey.

Experience the transformative power of selenite for yourself and order your selenite sticks and bars from Gypsy-Oracle today!

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